We respect the privacy of our survey owners and survey participants. This page describes our privacy policy.

  1. Many of the features of the web site can be accessed without us needing to collect specific information about you.
  2. To use other features such as creating surveys and participating in private surveys require us to store your Email address.
  3. We will not disclose your Email address or any other personal information that we collect to any third party except as required by law.
  4. If you are logged on, responses you make to surveys will be stored in our database with a unique user number.
  5. Some surveys allow your eMail address and name to be included in the Survey results. If you select the privacy option when you do a survey this section will state if your eMail address and name will be provided in your response.
  6. We may use your feedback as part of our promotional material. If we do use this material we will not use your name without your express permission.
  7. We use cookies to remember information that you have provided so that you do not have to provide it again.
  8. We store information about the operation of our system such as response times and navigation paths to improve the performance and quality of our system.
  9. If you have registered your email address, You can access our system to see what information we have stored about you and the surveys that you are authorised to participate in, see the results of and administer.
  10. You can see any responses to surveys that your have made where your identity is provided to the survey owner.
  11. To ensure that none uses your logon without your consent we send a random password to your Email address which you need to use to logon. You can change this password to an easier to remember password.
  12. Survey administrators may send you Email about surveys that they wish to conduct. It is beyond our control who survey administrators Email. If you have an issue with being included in a survey you should contact the survey administrator in the first instance. A condition of using our service is that Survey Administrators agree to not send unwelcome Email to potential participants. If you are not satisfied with the response from the survey administrator you should contact us admin@accurateSurveys.com.
  13. If you believe that you are being included in a survey that is defamatory, offensive or otherwise unlawful you should contact the survey administrator in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with the response then you should contact us at admin@accurateSurveys.com. Our service is intended for legitimate businesses, organisations and individuals.
  14. Your Email address may have been entered into our system by another survey administrator. No Email will be automatically sent to you by our system until you request the password to activate your access.
  15. If you believe your Email has been added without your authorisation and you wish it to be removed you can contact us at admin@accurateSurveys.com.
  16. If you have any other concerns about your privacy or wish further clarification of our policy and its implementation please contact us at admin@accurateSurveys.com.
  17. We look forward to an open and trusting relationship with you and your customers.

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