'Experience has shown that personalities may be grouped into various major categories, and for purposes of studying them this is a helpful device. Classifications must never be taken too seriously - they ruin much thinking - but the fear to use them has prevented much more thinking'

Karl A Menninger (Psychologist)


Your answers to the following 14 questions can provide insights into how you are likely to appear to others and where your life may be leading. After spending 10-30 minutes answering these questions, you will have the option to get a full report which identifies key drivers in your life: your influencing and leadership styles, values, perceived reaction to stress and change, career choices, team preferences, life partners and relationships, communication style, aptitudes and Emotional Intelligence, shadow side and path to personal meaning, as well as identifying specific books and films that may be of use or interest to you.

Please note that this is not a test - you cannot pass or fail it. If you want more information on this questionnaire before you begin, click on the logo at the top left corner of this page. This information will also be available in your personal report.

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