What Web Owners Think

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Online Sales Online Marketting Organisation Promotion Test the New Technology Have an Internet Presence Other
What are the main purposes of your web site?
How many unique visitors (or sessions) do you have per week, on average?

Technology Used

Which of the following technologies do you use in your web site?

Yes No
Online payments

Marketing and Promotion

How important are the following methods of promoting your web site and how effectively do you utilise each method?

Importance to your site   Your effectiveness at this
Critical Important Somewhat Not Very effective Effective Some effectiveness No effectiveness
Registered with Search Engines
Internet directories
Paid advertising (banner ads etc)
Pay for position in search engines


Set-up cost
How much has it cost to set-up your web site?
Return on investment
What is the return on investment (increased revenue divided by setup and operating costs) of your web site?


Which countries have you lived in for more than 2 years?
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What is your age?
What is your marital status?
What is your employment status?
What is your income?


How has the internet changed the way you do business?
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