Person AA ref by Person BB (Colleague)'s Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report - Your Communicating Style

13. Your Communicating Style

13. Your Communicating Style

'If we are not in the same room then we must be communicating through at least one wall' — Mark Oliver

Your profile describes the communication style you are likely to favour most and how you are likely to appear to others in terms of your communication. This is very likely to be a critical factor in the success of any relationship.

Person AA

The results suggest that you will probably use a directive style of communication and will tend to close the communication down by coming to an answer quickly. You could enhance your communication by resisting the temptation to make evaluations and, instead, allow the information and idea gathering process to continue for longer. You may use a planned, organised or decisive approach.

ref by Person BB

The results suggest that you will tend to deliver your points and the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives in a clinical way and with impersonal reasoning. You will probably present the goals and objectives. You will tend to be concise while remaining critical and intellectually objective.

You are likely to use logic and include ‘principles’ or theory where it is relevant. In meetings you will tend to put forward ideas. You will probably respond well if you are informed of the logical options in a situation.

Others will tend to see you as self-confident, accurate and as someone who considers the future consequences. Overall you are likely to be a communicator who speaks figuratively, and who likes dealing with the logical aspects and talking about interesting things.

Note: These comments are likely to be more relevant if higher Mental Preferences are significantly greater than lower ones (see the bar chart in Section 7 Your Mental Preferences).

Reflection: What would you say to someone in order to explain what you think ‘life’ is?

Using the information above, write down what you are now going to start or stop doing:

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