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'Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning' — Cardinal John Henry Newman

Shown below is the figure that outlines the sum of all possible fundamental human motivations. It outlines how our 'House' is symbolically represented, and it is called The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation in this Report.

Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report Introduction

There are 7 Levels (rows) with either 3 or 4 Rooms at each Level (the reason why is explained later in this Report). Each column represents either the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Rooms, and at each Level there is a Secondary (S) and/or Primary Room (P) which are most significant at the particular Level.

PART I looks at the implications of your Universal Hierarchy of Motivation profile in terms of your Motivations which are defined by the Levels or ‘floors’ of your ‘House’. Motivations often reflect the set of underlying wants which drives your thoughts, feelings and actions in key ways.

While this feedback in PART I is quite comprehensive for your specific profile, there is a limit to what can be provided in an on-line questionnaire and report. More individual advice including:

  • Your relative focus on doing a good job (being professional) versus having a good time (being enthused)
  • How easy others find you to “read”
  • If fun tasks or tasks which are hard work, motivate you more
  • What are your most important key values and what they are perceived to be
  • Your level of maturity versus focus on self, and how others are likely to view it
  • Your most rewarding work or life roles, and how they appear
  • The critical thing(s) you want from work or life
  • If you appear to go to extremes, and in what way, when stressed or in normal daily life
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From a human psychological perspective:
In terms of brain development, your results are likely to reflect the four distinct stages of human brain growth (child, adolescent, adult and old age).

Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Rows The Levels' Profile described in this Part is the horizontal cross-section of the Universal Hierarchy of Motivation in the direction of the arrows (shown left).

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