Person AA ref by Person BB (Colleague)'s Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report - Summary of Your Report

1. Summary of Your Report

1. Your Summary

'All meaningful knowledge is for the sake of action and all meaningful action is for the sake of friendship' — John MacMurray — Scottish Philosopher

This Report is designed to help you with ‘self-discovery’, and both professional and/or personal growth. On this page is a summary of the findings from your questionnaire.

Your Purpose for Completing the Questionnaire

Summary of Your Profile

This page summarises key aspects of your report. You can discover more information about the themes and details identified below by looking at the remainder of your report.

The results suggest that your driving Mental Preference is to ‘be decisive and in control’. You will tend to be scheduled in nature and plan ahead. You are likely to be purposeful and like not to have too much change in your life.

You will probably like being organised, being on track towards a goal and having closure. You may be happy with the idea that ‘if it ain't broke then don't fix it’. You will be inclined to bring order in the world, and could be drawn to ways that can be counted on.

Overall you will tend to prefer things to be sorted out and finished, seek structure, use lists and demonstrate a skilful ability to quickly put things into order. Your profile suggests that you could grow more or fulfil more of your potential by more frequently using a step by step process and checking your facts.

Key point(s) from your profile are that you have:

  • More of a focus on the big picture rather than the details
  • A preference for using emotional intelligence in your decision-making
  • A drive to better understand the true nature of life

Reflection: Describe your 'personal future' in a few sentences

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