Person AA ref by Person BB (Colleague)'s Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report - Usage Guide for The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report

2. Usage Guide for The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report

2. Usage Guide

'The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but seeing with new eyes' — Marcel Proust — French writer

This instrument is ideal for professional, personal or team development purposes: such as mentoring, coaching, teaching,
counselling or mediating. It must not be used to select, assess, recruit or promote people, under any circumstances.

Important: You can obtain a Pdf copy of your report, which you can print, by clicking on the Print(Pdf) button above.

Your specific results are shown in the rest of this Report with a border like the one surrounding this text. If you only want to view your specific profile information, then read only the sections in the border and shading.

As this is a two result comparison report, both responses are shown in this report with Person AA's results shown in the left column and Person BB's results shown in the right column or table.

The wording of the conclusions is created by the report based on the pattern of the responses provided by you and Person BB. They do not reflect any words directly entered into the system by either you or Person BB.

Usage Guide. This framework forms a holographic typology and your set of results are one of over 200 billion possible results from completing the Questionnaire. Our Universal Hierarchy of Motivation profile has many implications in our lives and the Rooms link directly to our four fundamental 'Options' in life: Physical Room = Doing; Emotional Room = Feeling; Intellectual Room = Thinking; and Spiritual Room = Being1.

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You entered your MBTI result as NT

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Purpose of the UHM.

The Purpose of your UHM Report is to highlight your preferences around the four fundamental 'Options' in life in order to help you to fulfil your potential at work or at home. The Report can help you to both gain greater self-awareness and to increase your understanding of how you will be viewed by others – how much your behaviour matches your intention.

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