Person AA ref by Person BB (Colleague)'s Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report - Your Mental Focus

8. Your Mental Focus

8. Your Mental Focus

'Where we are demarcates what we can see, where we choose to look determines what we will see' — Mark Oliver

Your profile here describes how your Mental Preferences will effect your goals.

Person AA

The results suggest that your driving Mental Preference is to ‘be decisive and in control’. You will tend to be scheduled in nature and plan ahead. You are likely to be purposeful and like not to have too much change in your life. You will probably like being organised, being on track towards a goal and having closure. You may be happy with the idea that ‘if it ain't broke then don't fix it’. You will be inclined to bring order in the world, and could be drawn to ways that can be counted on. You will tend to take a confirmatory approach to life, and are likely to debate and quickly come to a conclusion about people, things or ideas. You are likely to reason deductively and tend to think convergently.

You would most likely benefit by increasing your level of patience, hesitating more before you take action, and remembering the motto that ‘things take time’. It may help if you were more observant of when the situation has changed and new things need to be done. Others may think that you try to control things to a high degree and you usually want to come to some decision on the situation, thing or person. Overall you will tend to: prefer things to be sorted out and finished, seek structure, use lists and quickly put things into order. A key strength of yours is likely to be your skill in planning and preparing for future events.

ref by Person BB

The results suggest that your driving Mental Preference is ‘to think logically’. Your need to deal with the ‘objective truth’ will tend to get you to focus on the principles of a problem or issue. You will tend to critique a situation and focus significantly on the past, present and/or future. Your reasoning ability will probably provide for you a measure of certainty. You are likely to appear to others as someone who has high self-respect, and may seem to others to not like being helped. You probably like to categorise information and produce or find underlying models. You may well believe that success comes from the logical application of thought. You are likely to be analytical and impartial in your approach. You are likely to want sound arguments to support decisions and can probably be described as a ‘Thinker’.

You may always try to understand life before you live it, and this could result in you tending to remain a 'spectator' on life and miss the experiential wisdom to truly know it. You might succumb to ‘science without humanity’ the focus on scientific progress without thinking enough about the ramifications for all life on Earth. You are often reasonable in the way you deal with others. Overall you will tend to: remain logical while analysing a situation or person's strengths or weaknesses, and be objective, straight forward and concise. A key strength of yours is likely to be that you carefully weigh up the issues before making decisions.

Note: These comments are likely to be more relevant if higher Mental Preferences are significantly greater than lower ones (see the bar chart in Section 7 Your Mental Preferences).

Reflection: What are your three most important values and three greatest strengths?

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