Person AA ref by Person BB (Colleague)'s Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report - Where To From Here for You?

23. Where To From Here for You?

23. Where to from here

'What is the use of running when we are not on the right way?' German Proverb

You have already invested considerable thought and effort completing this questionnaire. Your report contains a lot of information in different areas, and can take some time to fully comprehend. You can re-read your report over a number of days or weeks. You may also find it helpful to consider the following things you may do from here to get the most benefit from you report:

  1. You can now see which of the 8 neuroscientific personality styles you are and read a half page summation. Just go to: MarkTwoConsulting - The 8 UHM neuro-style descriptions.
  2. Select the Print (Pdf) button above to print your complete report for further analysis. The sections printed will depend on the Report Option that you have paid for.
  3. Complete The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Report for yourself if this is not your report and compare results.
  4. Review, purchase, or hire the books and films recommended for your development.
  5. Re-read your Report overall and review it overall. In particular look at:
    1. Section 4 Your Motivational Drivers for other ways you might influence and lead.
    2. Section 6 How You Influence and Persuade on how others might see you and how you might over-value your preferred Mental Preference.
    3. Section 14 Your Decision Making Aptitudes for which questions to spend more time and effort on when faced with opportunities and challenges.
    Then set up a plan for how you are going to take action on this information using your strengths and building on your development areas to help you and those around you. Try some 'stretch tasks' at work but start small, track your own progress and get periodic feedback; and do not be afraid to get a partner to work with you!
  6. Contact MarkTwo Consulting for help from an accredited The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Consultant for personal feedback, coaching or further development opportunities email or phone +61 3 9885 0335.
  7. Send your report to a friend, partner, work colleague, coach or mentor, and ask them for feedback and comments on how it relates to you. Ask them for their assessment of your strengths and development areas.
  8. Diarise to complete the Questionnaire again in 3-12 months, and look at progress.
  9. Buy a Universal Hierarchy of Motivation Full Report for a relative or friend to help them, and be prepared to feedback and coach them on their results. Click on the Upgrade link above for more details.
  10. Become accredited in one of the key underlying typologies for this model Temperament Theory, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Enneagram and teach others. The typology which may be of most help is implied by the books recommended for you in Section 21 Your List of Suggested Further Reading and Viewing.
  11. Investigate a charity which you might help and work for, as a volunteer.

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